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Innovative Orthopädische Einlegesohlen


Dynamic and Modularized Orthopedic Insole Solution

The OrmoSys brand represents for a new and break-through technology based on orthopedic knowledge gathered for decades.

2019-09-24 17_58_56-Development – Ormosys

“With OrmoSys, we have developed a completely new and modular insole system which is more accurate and individual than all other manufacturing methods.” 

Fatmir Langmeier

OrmoSys insoles provide a holistic improvement of the body posture and therefore reduce muscle-skeleton pain and increase your overall level of energy and wellbeing.

How does it work?

The feet are the fundament of the body and influence the functionality of the whole locomotor system. Almost every human has a slightly false feet position which causes the body to fall into an unnatural relieving posture. That sooner or later leads to tension headaches, concentration problems, back complaints, dizziness or fatigue and the energy level drops because the relieving posture draws energy.

Here, OrmoSys insoles is the solution. OrmoSys analyses the whole body posture, feet condition plus dynamic gait. Every insole is customized and adapted to the individual customer needs. OrmoSys insoles restore the feet’s natural and right position and the body is no longer forced to fall into a relieving posture to avoid pain.

OrmoSys insoles are scientifically validated. See Study Switzerland (coming soon).

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