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Patrick Ehelechner
(Former ice hockey goal keeper of the German ice hockey liga, today: ice hockey trainer, commentator)

“Since I use my individualized OrmoSys insoles, my performance on the ice is remarkably better. I don’t want to do without them anymore.”

Tobias Schweinsteiger
(Former soccer player, trainer)

“I’m really happy with my customized OrmoSys insoles and I recognize a significant improvement of my performance.”

Lars Riedel
Lars Riedel
(Former discus thrower and olympic champion)

“I can’t imagine to do without my OrmoSys insoles again – thanks to OrmoSys, my body posture is flawless and I’m a lot more energetic in daily life and sports!”



Life is sweet with happy feet! Do your body a favour with OrmoSys – reduce pain and gain energy.


OrmoSys insoles support you in every situation. No matter what kind of sports you prefer, OrmoSys has suitable insoles for you.


OrmoSys insoles will fit your needs perfectly – even if they are special needs, e.g. for diabetes patients.


Did you know that you even can do your feet a favour if you wear elegant shoes like high heels or dress shoes? OrmoSys makes it possible.



For each company, the most valuable resources are its employees.

With OrmoSys, you show your employees how much you care for them.


In safety (police, fire department, military, disaster aid) people have to contribute a lot.
OrmoSys insoles support by reducing pain resulting from work in harsh environments.


In Germany, every company with more than 100 employees is obliged to implement corporate health management.

OrmoSys is an effectful solution here.


System applicants can easily adopt the scalable OrmoSys technology under licence.

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